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Azswahlmenu für WEBvisFirst choose a station from the drop-down list at the top of the page or use 'Customer login' , if you have an user account.




You will then get the following options to choose from:


Change station: Here you can switch from one station to another one, if there is more then one. Once you have logged in you will see only your own stations, while on the welcome page you can see all available public stations.

Home: Back to WEBvis Welcome page

skye Home: Link to Supplier homepage

Current data: The left column of graphics always show s the previous 24 hours with auto-scaled axis , whil st the right column of graphics always show s the last 8 days with fixed scaling. At the top you see the very last measured data that has been uploaded.

Monthly trend: Show s Monthly statistics of your data. At the top a numerical summary of the full month and below , in graphics , the trend of the month. Each value shown in the graphic is the calculated statistic of one day (00:00 to 24:00). Left gra p hics shows the data in auto-scale mode, whereas the right graphics show the same data in fixed ranges.

Monthly tables: Same as Trend but as table view

Yearly trend: Show s Yearly statistics of your data. At the top is the numerical summary of the full year (as far as is available) and below each value shown in the graphics is the calculated statistic per month.

Yearly tables: same as Trend but as table view

Informations about the station: Details of project and operator including an image (could be Webcam if available)

Customer Login: using Login you achieve access to your download area. You can download rawdata as well as statistic al results. There are two formats: Logstar Format for a user running the Logstar Program Package for further evaluation or Excel-Format for your own evaluation. In this case the user does not need any special software to work with this data (just a browser and Excel)

Darstellung der aktuelle Daten der Meßstation

Other Details:

You can include WEBvis in your Weblayout if you are able to integrate i-frames.

You can upload data from your local PC running Logstar_FTP program package or using GPRS Modems.

WEBvis can send alarm email if one channel exceeds a certain threshold.

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