Benefits of WEBvis

Downloading from WEBvis is very easy. Just choose the data you are looking for and you can directly export into Excel to do further data evaluation. No special software installation is necessary for this. Depending on your upload interval WEBvis is an additional data backup of your local data. In the database you will find your rawdata as well as all calculated statistic results.

WEBvis Startseite

When you purchase WEBvis, you can choose to either make your station & data available to all visitors to the website (public) or keep the station private (non-public).

If you choose to make your station 'non-public', then you control access to your data via ' Customer Log-in'. On the WEBvis Welcome Page you only see public stations - you are allowed to view these stations and their data. To download data please contact the operator of that station. Normally you will find contact details on "information about the station". Each admin-user of the station is allowed to define his own user group. All members are then allowed to view AND download, but they cannot reconfigure the online-setup.